Home Improvement Ideas To Boost House Value

Home Improvement Ideas To Boost House Value

Whether you’re thinking of selling your property in the near future, starting a remodel to make your dwelling nicer and more comfortable, or just want to create a more appealing house view – there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to boost your home value.

Prioritize repair work

Before you start sprucing up your property, you should first determine structural problems and have them repaired immediately. If you wait too long to have them fixed, minor defects can turn into costly home improvement nightmares. Experts recommend getting home inspection service at least once a year. No matter how strong your home build is, over time, it becomes prone to wear and tear, especially the exterior parts, such as your roofing system, walls and foundation. Watch out for missing or broken roof tiles, structural cracks on the wall, broken insulation, water leaks, or a collapsed floor/slab.

Repaint your walls

Simply changing your wall paint can already augment the value of your home. Why not? It makes your property look newer and more appealing. Repaint your interior walls with fresh, neutral color so as to make any room look fresh and clean. You can be bold with your front door paint and choose vibrant hues like red, green or blue. Check if your kitchen cabinets need some repainting too.

Make your home energy-efficient

A great way to dramatically increase the value of any home or property is to make it energy-efficient. And no, you don’t need to break the bank just to do this. There are simple ways to make your home energy-efficient, such as sealing all windows, replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights, adding insulation to your attic, installing solar panels, installing a storm door, and buying energy-star products and appliances. Consider tuning up your HVAC system as well and performing an energy audit. Many HVAC contractors provide flexible financing plans to assist you in upgrading your system without straining your finances.

Update your electrical system

Not only does it increase the value of your home, updating your electrical system will also ensure the safety of your family against potential hazards. Consult a certified electrician to know whether it is time to rewire your home, upgrade electrical panels, replace switches, or install additional sockets. If you’re rewiring, take the opportunity to update your home lighting and add other fixtures that you’ve been planning to have all this time.

Spruce up your landscape

The way your home looks from the outside does affect its overall value too. Removing weed, clearing out any dead plant, mowing your lawn, and feeding your grass all contribute to an overall garden transformation. Installing flower beds is also a great way to jazz up your home. Consider adding outdoor furniture and fixtures too, such as patio chairs and table, a fire pit, a deck, or a playhouse if you have kids.   

Home lighting is the key

Many homeowners overlook one simple, inexpensive approach to increasing the value of their property – lighting. Proper lighting adds elegance, coziness and personality to a room. For example, chandeliers add a touch of sophistication. They need not be restricted to living rooms or dining areas. Chandeliers also do well in master bedrooms and baths. Consider replacing overhead lights with wall-mounted lights to add warmth and value to your bathroom. In the kitchen, a central overhead is not enough. You also want to add task lighting (for specific tasks) and accent lighting. Invest on energy-saving, high-quality bulbs to maximize lighting efficiency. Lastly, bring in more natural light into your home. It makes every room appear open and airy, which is one of the factors home buyers consider these days.

Watch out for mold and mildew

The presence of mold and mildew can greatly reduce your home value. If not addressed at the earliest time possible, mold can invade every area of your property. It can cause rotting of wood surfaces like floors and furniture, fabrics, furnishings, rugs and carpets. It also causes an ugly mess in your concrete walls. If your home smells musty, that’s a sign of high moisture levels. Consider mold and mildew remediation services if you suspect mold growth in your home. If it’s just a minor infestation, you can do the cleaning on your own. Make use of air movers to easily dry surfaces and drive out moisture from your home. Also, repair sources of water leaks. Mold thrives in wet and humid environments.

Give your bath a facelift

You can give your bath a facelift without flushing lots of money into the toilet. First off, give it a good clean. Check for spots or areas that need to be repaired. Consider updating the tiles, adding some fixtures like a vanity, or a cute countertop. And again, don’t forget the light!

And your kitchen too!

The kitchen is a focal point at any house so it’s okay to invest some more on it. You want to make your kitchen functional, airy, clean, and highly organized. Try adding multi-purpose furniture and fixtures. Your kitchen will benefit from some decoration too.

Consider a home addition

Do you have a room or space that you have not been using for a while? Why not convert it into something useful and beautiful, like a study room, another bedroom, a playroom or an entertainment area? Whatever appeals to you. Improving or adding an existing accommodation is a surefire way to boost the value of your home.