Medical Office Space for Rent

Finding a medical office space for rent is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Real Estate Asset Management makes it easy. We have a portfolio of prime medical properties across the city suitable for practices large and small. Whether you’re looking for an existing property or a new development built to your specifications, Real Estate Asset Management can help you. 

There is a growing demand for more health care options in Las Vegas as the city grows and the population continues to age. With over 2.2 million residents in the metro area and tens of millions of visitors each year, there is plenty of opportunity to start or grow your practice with one of our properties. 



Finding a medical office space is a tremendous challenge for a new or growing practice. Real Estate Asset Management can narrow down the options so you don’t have to worry about picking a space that won’t meet your needs. Here are some things we consider.

Site Requirements

A medical practice may need access to plumbing and power requirements that a regular office space cannot provide. You might also have to comply with special zoning laws. When you speak with us about the needs of your particular business, we will take pains to ensure any property we show you matches your professional requirements.


Medical offices, by their nature, cater to the ill and disabled. Accessibility is absolutely vital to the success of your business, plus it’s mandated by the ADA. Real Estate Asset Management can help you to evaluate your needs to provide the facility that will meet your needs and government regulations.  


Even in a medical office park, there are some spaces that will get more traffic than others. Competition for medical services in Las Vegas is tough. Finding a location that’s easy for your patients to find and near major roads is an enormous factor in practice success. Real Estate Asset Management can help you find the best locations from our portfolio of properties.

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