Restaurant Space for lease in Las Vegas

Where there are cities and tourists, you’ll find a huge demand for restaurants. Las Vegas is no exception. In 2019, nearly 50 million people visited Las Vegas. That’s a lot of hungry people! 

With the help of Real Estate Asset Management, you can find the perfect place for your restaurant space for lease in Las Vegas. Our prime restaurant spaces are situated in some of the busiest locations around the city. Take a look at the pictures below to see some of our restaurant spaces for rent. 


Find the Best Restaurant Space in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a prime place to set up a restaurant of any kind, from a classy gourmet location to a more casual family-oriented diner, but you still have to choose the right location to maximize profits. Here are some key factors to examine before you make your decision. 


One of the first things to consider when choosing a restaurant space is size. Both the front and back of the house need to have enough room to meet the demands of your restaurant. Consider the number of diners you wish to seat, as well as the amount of space you need for kitchen and inventory. Balancing the needs of your restaurant vs the square footage cost is crucial to a successful restaurant.  


As the old saying goes, real estate is about location, location, location. With restaurants, this is especially true. Many factors such as demographics, traffic counts, rooftops, and more are used to determine good locations. Real Estate Asset Management can help you sort through these factors and more to help locate your restaurant.


Las Vegas has a solid public transport network, but many people choose to get around the city by car. Any restaurant that offers dine in service will need adequate parkingChoosing a location that offers easy access and abundant parking can make your customer experience better, and Real Estate Asset Management can help you to determine your parking needs.  

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