Gym Space for rent in Las Vegas

RAM Group can help you find the perfect location to set up your gym or sports business in Las Vegas. Our premium gym spaces for rent and leases are situated in popular neighborhoods across the city, with easy access to local transport links and sufficient space to suit every kind of business.

The best leases in Vegas.

One of the most popular and beloved cities in North America, Las Vegas is also a prime destination for starting new businesses or expanding existing ones. Whether you’re looking to begin an entirely new venture or branch out into Vegas with a new location, RAM Group can help you find a prime location to make it happen.

How to Find the Best Sports Space in Las Vegas

Gym memberships and fitness enthusiasm levels are on the rise all across Las Vegas, with more and more people around the city taking an active interest in being more active in their day to day lives. In short, it’s a super location to open up a gym or sporting location, but you need to choose your rental location with care. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:


Typically, gyms and sports centers need to be quite large, so you have to make sure to choose a space that offers enough room for all of your equipment and facilities, as well as providing sufficient space for your staff to go about their daily work and your customers or guests to make the most of the services you have to offer.


Gym and sports businesses can grow at an alarming rate as awareness levels rise and more people seek to sign up for a subscription. This is why it’s important to try and find a location that allows you to start small if needed, but offers enough room for further growth and development as time goes by, like good parking outside and useful amenities in the local area to attract more and more clients.


The most successful gyms and sporting locations tend to be situated in busy parts of big city locations and easily accessible neighborhoods. It’s wise, therefore, to try and find a sports space for rent in an accessible and popular part of Las Vegas. This will help you get more people through the door and also gives your brand the best chances of rapid growth and expansion.

Spaces Available

  • Sahara Towne Square – 2650 Suite A-3A: 2,700 sf (+/-) View More
  • Sahara Towne Square – 2650 Suite A-4: 1,786 sf (+/-) View More
  • Sahara Towne Square – 2620 Suite 13: 2,322 sf (+/-) View More

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